Rehearsal Studios


Do you hear those words too often when you practice?

At The SOUNDLAB, we provided a friendly, professional and creative atmosphere for musicians and bands. Practice sessions should be a relaxed, stress free environment. No distractions.
There were three sound proof, spacious studios to practice without having to compromise. Lounge area has multiple televisions featuring classic video game systems for your enjoyment.

The SOUNDLAB was created for musicians by musicians.

What is The SOUNDLAB?

The idea for creating The SOUNDLAB comes from the days of playing in bands throughout the years. It was a constant struggle to find a location that would allow a band to practice.
And when a space was available, there were always problems that arose: not enough time to practice, can’t play too loud, too much money, space is too small, the time slots weren’t convenient, etc.

The SOUNDLAB provided solutions to all of these issues and was housed in a 3,400 sq ft fully renovated warehouse building.
Once you step inside, you will notice that this no mere warehouse.

• Musicians were able to develop their sound and stage  performance.
• Convenient hours of operation will accommodate a variety of customer schedules.
• Affordable hourly rates will allow all age groups to participate.
• Fully sound proofed studios will have walls covered with total sound proofing materials.
• A creative environment to help promote networking of musical talent.
• Develop and design band merchandise, posters, CDs, flyers, etc.

The SOUNDLAB Rehearsal Studios

• Three 16ft x 18ft rehearsal/recording rooms with 9 ft ceilings
• Each studio has its own remote controlled heating/air conditioning unit.
• Studios were built using 2”x 6” staggered studs to include extra sound proofing
• Walls have rubber soundproofing, soundboard, and resilient channel built inside.
• Ceiling tiles are sound reinforced.
• Solid steel doors with deadbolts

Each studio had the following equipment:

• Full 5-piece drum set with hardware and cymbals
  2×12 120 watt Fender tube Guitar amp
• 2×12 watt Marshall Bass amp
• Microphone stands

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