Dude, those SOUNDLAB guys suck…

“Those SOUNDLAB guys are huge dicks.”
“The SOUNDLAB sucks”
“Those SOUNDLAB people are so mean.”

As the old saying goes, you can’t please everyone. But damn, we tried.

There was always someone or some band who bitched about The SOUNDLAB.
Bands who demanded money even though they didn’t promote their show and in turn, didn’t have a crowd.
Upon hearing that they wouldn’t get paid, they proceeded to trash the stage and equipment.
Underage kids trying to get in to a show even when they were so drunk they couldn’t walk straight.

Well, here are some of the memorable comments I’ve heard through the years.

“Dude, I don’t know how people are going to find this place”

Well, there’s this new thing called… the internet. You might be able to use that to find us. You made it here didn’t you?
Also, there was a simple map on our website that clearly showed how to get to The SOUNDLAB. It didn’t get much easier than this.

“The SOUNDLAB didn’t treat us like rockstars and bring us free drinks and towels to the stage.”

I heard bands always bitch about this… but never to us directly.  They’ll bitch about it to their friends or on Myspace.
If you want to be treated like a  “rock star” at a nice neat white walled venue being catered to, go do that, but don’t pretend you’re a real rock band.
The SOUNDLAB is an all-ages club for musicians.

“Can we have our roadies and merch people get in for free?”

Sure, not a problem. But when you have a 2 piece band, you DO NOT get a roadie pass.
She’s your girlfriend, not your roadie and stop making her carry your shit!!
When your merch person isn’t selling merch because you don’t have merch, then there’s no need for a merch pass, is there??
If these people didn’t pay, you would have NO attendance.

“This is really a small place”

Listen, you don’t have enough people to fill the men’s bathroom, let alone the stage area.
How many other places have you played that provide a P.A. system, stage monitors, mics, stands and stage lights? Judging by your show schedule, not much.

“The SOUNDLAB demands that each band pays $100 to play”

WRONG!! Bands were aware of the policies way before the show and agreed to each and every one.
“Not a problem”, they said. But when the shit hits the fan, they begin to forget all about them.

“We didn’t know we had to promote the show”

Huh??? Who do you think is coming to see you if they don’t know about?

“That place sucks cause they threw me and my underage friends out for sneaking in beer.”

(yep… we suck cause we don’t want to get shut down because you and your underage friends are too lazy to drink in the park)
Underage drinking… don’t do it in here. Period. Hey, we were all young and drank underage.
So I understand an 18 year old kid drinking a beer with his friends… but if you have to go drink underage, go drink in the park.
The cops were looking for anything to shut us down and harassed people coming to the shows for at least a year. Every damn show.

“I heard The SOUNDLAB was awesome… but my band played and there was no one there.
And they don’t support musicians… they made us get off the stage when we wanted to keep playing. That place sucks.”

(Of course it can’t be that no one likes your band… it must be the club’s fault that no one came to see you.
And we made you stop playing because there were other bands on after you that want to play.
You don’t support musicians.  When you play long and refuse to get off the stage, you’re not fucking over the club… you’re fucking over the bands going on after you.
Do you think the midnight band wants to start at 1:00AM?)

A band was pissed because we wouldn’t let them play. They only had 2 people show up (both were there girlfriends).
Then they took their 2 fans back to their house and played a “show” in their the basement.
Maybe they should continue to stick to the basement until they build a fan base to play out.

“I just want to see if some of my friends are here.”

Sorry pal, you and your friends not coordinating your plans does not mean you get in to clubs for free.
It’s not our fault you and your friends weren’t clear about your plans. You don’t get rewarded with a free show.

“I missed some of the opening bands… let me in for free.”

Don’t be late. Try that at the movies too… ask them if you could go in for free because you missed the beginning of the movie.
For the record, occasionally we drop the price lower later in the night.

“I don’t have enough money… let me in for free.”

Don’t go out if you’re broke. Save your money. Look for work.



Below are some choice comments from people’s Myspace pages.

We’ll try not to take it personally.



We are so not cool 🙁


Played a killer show at their house. That’s a good idea.



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