In January of 2005, when I started looking for a location, there were some areas that were totally run down and needed tons of work. I found a space in the south suburbs of Chicago. It wasn’t the best place, but with some planning and help from my two cousins, Frankie (RIP) and Dan, we dove in with construction and built it all in two months. We never did construction before and we were learning as we went along.

All the work had to be done at night when we were done with our real jobs. White Castle Crave Cases and Rockstar energy drinks helped us work long into the night. Some nights, it was like the Three Stooges building a house. We had a lot of fun just hanging out, laughing and using power tools. Frankie would be using a cheap nail gun. The ones that had a bullet shell in it. “Fire in the hole” he would yell out.

Here are some before and after and pictures of our handy work and then pictures from our first show.

The place was a dumping ground for the owners of the building. There was a lot of cleanup and prep work needed before we could even start building.
Framing out the first rehearsal studio. The walls were built on staggered studs to allow for rubber soundproofing to be weaved in between the studs.
Finishing up the last rehearsal studio.
Inside the rehearsal studio with soundproofing and insulation. Starting to take shape.
Framing out the live performance room. Reaching the top part was a challenge.
Making great progress during the hanging of the drywall.
Inside of the live performance room.

Building the stage. It was very secure and was able to hold a great amount of weight. It held up well even during some of the big shows!
Time for painting. Loads of red paint.
The live performance room all finished and ready for the grand opening.
The doors to the rehearsal studios. Each studio has its own air conditioner/heating unit.
The hallway leading back to the game/lounge area.
Inside the bathrooms
Inside the bathrooms
This was the reception area when you walked thorugh the front door.
Inside the main office.
Inside the main office looking out into the open area.
Video game and lounge area. If you didn’t want to watch the show, you can hang out here with your friends and play Sega Genesis.


Live performance room right before the first show.
The crowd for the first show. September 23, 2005. The line up: Keaton, Summerset, Scare, From Me To You, Destroyvale.

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