The making of The Soundlab

When I started looking for a location, there were some areas that were totally run down and needed tons of work just start building. After a month or so, I found a space in the south suburbs of Chicago (Mokena, IL) The building was in an industrial strip in but backed up to a bar, dry cleaners, paint store and convenience store. It wasn’t the best place, but with some planning and help from my two cousins, Frankie (RIP) and Dan, we dove in with construction and built it all in two months. We never did construction before and we were learning as we went along.

Some nights, it was like the Three Stooges building a house. We had a lot of fun just hanging out, laughing and using power tools. Frankie would be using a cheap nail gun. The ones that had a bullet shell in it. “Fire in the hole” he would yell out.

All the work had to be done at night when we were done with our real jobs. White Castle Crave Cases and Rockstar energy drinks helped us work long into the night.

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