The SOUNDLAB opened August 13, 2005.

It quickly became the South Suburbs premier all-ages music venue and rehearsal studio. The rehearsal studios concept was established to provide musicians and bands with a creative and quality environment to rehearse. Musicians and bands would be able to practice for upcoming live shows, write new material, or prepare for recording sessions. The SOUNDLAB evolved as a result from complaints about the noise every time bands wanted to practice.

The SOUNDLAB was open Sunday through Thursday from 2:00 pm to 12:00 am and Friday and Saturday from 12:00 pm to 2:00 am.

Housed in a full renovated 3,400 square foot facility located at 9623 West 194th Place in Mokena IL, just 30 minutes from downtown Chicago, The SOUNDLAB had three spacious sound proof studios and a live room with stage and lights, all equipped with the following equipment:

• Full 5-piece drum set with hardware and cymbals
• 2×12 120 watt Fender tube Guitar amp
• 2×12 100 watt Marshall Bass amp
• Microphone stands

There was also a larger room with a stage and lights which was used for live performances.

Our first show that started it all was September 23, 2005 with over 100 people in attendance.

The line up and order:
From Me To You

After 6 months of successful live shows with growing number of people in attendance, we decided to increase the size of the live room to be able to have larger shows and bands perform.
In early 2006, the smaller live room was demolished and and a larger stage area with mixing booth was installed. It increased our legal capacity from 73 to 283. The stage was 20ft wide x 18ft long and 3ft high with a loading ramp.

The shows increased from just the weekends to weekdays and the crowds grew. Bands utilized MySpace to have touring bands added to the lineups.

We had bands come from all over the U.S. play at The SOUNDLAB. Bands came from all over the U.S. from California, Texas, New York and Canada.

On Sundays, we had unplugged shows. We brought in couches and had a more laid back crowd which allowed people to see a different side of music which they normally wouldn’t listen to.
We organized multiple fests over the years. 3 day fest. All day fests with over 20 bands playing in a day.

From Hardcore to Grindcore, Post Punk to Pop to Punk, Metal to Hip Hop – we did it all.

From 2005 – 2008, we put on close to 400 shows with nearly 30,000 people attending shows at The SOUNDLAB.